Cars and Vans Trailer Transportation in UK by ENDE Ltd

ENDE are trusted specialists and experts in transporting cars, vans and vehicles on a trailer up to 2500 kgs in weight in a professional, reliable and cost effective manner across England, Scotland and Wales – if you care about your vehicle – so do we!

Key car and van trailer logistical statistics:

  • Brian James Cargo Connect Trailer
  • Tri-Axle on 10″ wheels
  • 3500kg Gross (with a payload capacity of 2500kg approx.)
  • Dimensions : 5.5m long x 2.25m wide
  • Tiltbed c/w long ramps.
  • Electric winch
  • Tracker
  • Fully Insured- up to £150,000 valid until 9th April 2019. For proof please see our Trailer Transport Accreditations page.

So if you too want a car or van weighing less than 2500 kgs transported within the UK, swiftly and safely- and at a competitive rate please contact us via our GET A QUOTE form or NOW !