Classic car transported from Devon to Leeds

VMS ENDE has just transported a classic car from Devon to Leeds by transporter.

VMS ENDE has just transported a classic car from Devon to Leeds by transporter.

Cars and Vans Vehicle Transportation in UK by VMS ENDE

VMS ENDE are experienced, trusted specialists and experts in transporting cars, vans and vehicles of all shapes and sizes on a long flatbed up to 1500kgs in weight in a professional, reliable and cost effective manner across England, Scotland and Wales – if you care about your vehicle – so do we!

Victor has been driving with a Class 1 HGV licence for 30 years and has a Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) which has to be renewed in the UK every years.

Specialist classic and sports cars transport capability

With his long loader and extended 3 metre ramps he is able to load and transport your low cars, vans and vehicles- including specialist sports cars and classics cars.

Our key car and van trailer transport logistical statistics:

  • 1.5 tons/ 1500 kg Gross
  • Dimensions : 5.5m long x 2.25m wide
  • Tracker
  • We are Fully Insured- up to £30,000 with Iprism Underwriting which is valid until 20th October 2024. For validation and proof please see for yourself our Car, Van, Vehicle Transport Accreditations page.

All makes of cars, vans and vehicles are cared for. We prefer that they are in running condition but we have ramps and a winch to mount your vehicle on to the back of the truck. After which your vehicle is safely secured for the journey.

So if you too want a car or van weighing less than 1500 kgs transported within the UK, swiftly and safely- and at a competitive rate please contact us via our GET A QUOTE form or email NOW !