Audi 4×4 transported from London to Manchester

ENDE – the transport by trailer experts, has just transported an Audi 4×4 by trailer from London to Manchester.

Audi 4×4 from London to Manchester


Audi 4x4 from London to Manchester

Van and Car Trailer Transporter by ENDE Ltd 

ENDE Ltd are specialists in transporting cars, vans and vehicles up to 2500 kgs in weight in a professional, reliable and cost effective manner. If you care about a vehicle – so do we! 

Key car and van trailer logistical statistics: 

  • Brian James Cargo Connect Trailer 
  • Tri-Axle on 10″ wheels 
  • 3500kg Gross (with a payload capacity of 2500kg approx.) 
  • Dimensions : 5.5m long x 2.25m wide 
  • Tiltbed c/w long ramps. 
  • Electric winch 
  • Tracker 
  • Fully Insured 

So if you too want a car or van weighing less than 2500 kgs transported within the UK, swiftly and safely- and at a competitive rate please contact us via our GET A QUOTE form or email NOW !